Transfer printing

Transfer is the process of printing your designs onto a special, transferable material. We can use it for both light and dark textiles and all other types of clothing. 

Our transfers are produced using the latest printing technologies and we can offer a wide variety, depending on your design and the quantities you require.

Transfer Printing:

 Our transfers are produced using the latest printing technologies and we can offer a wide variety, depending on your design and the quantities you require. 

We offer different materials for nylon and ‘stretch’ garments to ensure that the print will be the best fit for the garment we are printing on. And we ensure that the print will last as long as possible by using the correct transfer material for each individual order and type of textile.Our transfers do not need a frame or solid block, and you are not limited in format and size, resulting in professional looking garments. Perfect for printing on any type of material.

The most common area for logo printing on workwear is the chest area of ​​jackets, t-shirts, shirts and others. Another important area to print is a large logo on the back of workwear and the customization of many other types of clothing, such as pants and hats. A visible logo on clothing can make a big difference for a company. Most importantly, recognition increases when every team member and employee wears a logo, as they represent the company and thus professionally stand behind their work. With a visible logo or company name, current and future customers can more easily associate your business with your professionalism and service.Printed workwear and uniforms have become much more than just having your logo.

Branding comes with a range of benefits for you, your brand or your business. Business Promotion Workwear printing will help you promote your business.


Companies that provide their employees with workwear also tend to offer a range of other benefits to colleagues. This creates a strong sense of teamwork.Encouraging and maintaining team spirit is the best way to create a collaborative environment and a place where employees feel comfortable working with and alongside each other. This will help boost overall morale and productivity. Having printed workwear for your company will also mean you can create happiness and confidence in your team. You can ask your employees for their thoughts and feelings about the type and style of workwear they would prefer.This will ensure that the requirements and thoughts of your staff have been recognized and will also help to create a more favorable opinion of the availability of clothing.

The term “dress for success” can be effective for any workplace. Having printed workwear promotes productivity, coordination and comfort, as well as a more relaxed approach. Printed workwear will also enable businesses to organize their departments and team. Different teams may have different colored uniforms.It is also important to note that the branded workwear can be printed according to the seasons, weather and seasons. For the winter months, the clothes are one, for the summer months another. Safety and Health Another great benefit that comes with workwear includes safety, health and safety.

Uniformed employees will also stand out from customers and make them much more approachable. Workwear can provide protection while performing a variety of tasks.





Advantages of Transfer Printing

-Suitable for bold, vibrant and full color designs

 -Certain designs and effects that can only be produced using transfers 

-Can be used on virtually any fabric -Suitable for hard

-to-reach places such as – pockets, collars, legs and others