Embroidery is a great choice to add your logo/design to work wear for your business, so if you need a high quality embroidery service, contact us.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect garment, it’s time to decide whether you want your logo or design printed or embroidered. Both provide stunning results, but one or the other will best suit your goals, clothing, order quantity, and design style. And why not combined? Our newest technology – print appliqué – allows us to combine digital printing with embroidery. Thus, we can create an incredible effect, with the possibility of placing hard-to-realize places on the textile.

We offer high quality and long lasting embroidery.

We use the best machines for quality and speed. This means your embroidery is clear, clean and weather resistant. We can embroider your logo on most types of fabrics and apply them to work, corporate and any type of clothing, all items can be customized for your business or you personally.

Embroidery is a great choice for adding your logo/design to workwear for your business.


The embroidery will withstand rough use and retain its color and shape over time. Complex designs are easily produced and we ensure that the end result is a clear and distinct representation of the logo we have created.

High quality threads that can be matched with pantone references to ensure your design follows your brand guidelines.

We use state-of-the-art and industry-specific design programs to convert a file so that the design is ready for embroidery. This involves a number of processes including determining stitch type, stitch frequency, stitch size and stitch direction.

Our team advises you on these details to make sure the result is the best possible.

We are pride with doing a brilliant job every time, ensuring that the finished garments we create are of the highest quality. This is what makes our work worthwhile and us satisfied.

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A textured embroidered logo on workwear shows that your business has high standards and is professional. When embroidered directly onto your custom workwear, it will stand the test of time and every day wear and tear on the job. If potential customers have a positive interaction with a member of your team, then they will immediately remember your logo as well.


-looks prestigious and luxurious

-it’s great for small designs and company logos

-ideal for any type of textile – from sweatshirts, jackets, blouses, pants, hats and anything conceptual that can be realized.

-weather resistant

Embroidery shows professionalism. 

One of the main reasons to choose to have your workwear embroidered is that it will undoubtedly increase the professionalism of your company. When employees wear embroidered workwear, they feel more responsible to promote the company. In this way, the highest level of customer service is ensured and the customer perceives and associates you with professionalism. 

Creates integrity in your team.Another reason for this is that embroidered workwear allows employees to feel part of a community, they represent your brand and their work. It not only improves customer service but also team morale if everyone wears the same clothes, everyone works together. 

Health and safety. Last but not least, getting your workwear embroidered is required by some companies for health and safety reasons. Some industries require you to wear a full uniform with titles embroidered on the back for staff safety.